Dana-Farber Cancer Instittute

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Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Billboard. Screen your lungs.

Getting someone with a history of smoking to go for a lung screening is a challenge, and even more so when a Cancer Center focuses its efforts on communities of color. In greater Boston, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute faced both a legacy of mistrust and the fact that its Harvard affiliation communicated “elitist” and “not for everyday people.” The work was locally targeted and ran in OOH media such as transit and billboard.

IPNY’s “Community” campaign leverages basic principles of neuroscience to capture attention in communities of color. It acknowledges the target’s role in caring for themselves, speaks with the voice of a true partner, and makes it easy to take action.

Rather than emphasize the dangers of smoking or bad habits, the campaign accentuates the positive benefits of getting a screening: peace of mind, early detection, being there for those you love.

Results: This is just one of many steps aimed at making Dana-Farber more credible and accessible among communities of color. There is no hard data yet on campaign performance, though anecdotal feedback has been very positive.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Screening makes hugs last longer.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Bus stop poster.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Get screened poster.