Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Building for the future of cancer.

Despite the remarkable progress we’ve seen, the incidence of cancer is rising dramatically. We could see a 77% increase in cancer cases by 2050. The world needs answers.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s 100% specialization in cancer and unique way of working has put it in the best position to lead the future of cancer discovery and treatment. This video is Dana-Farber’s vision for that future, which involves a proposed state-of-the-art new cancer hospital with access to people who couldn’t get this level of care before.

This core communication will be presented to decision makers and influencers in Boston and the state of Massachusetts, key local community leaders, and the staff of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Never has Dana-Farber’s brand promise, “What we do here changes lives everywhere”, been as meaningful for the health of the world.