Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

I am here because of Dana-Farber.

Challenge: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s reputation for changing how the world treats cancer has been well-seeded in the two years since our last campaign. How do we continue to present the medical center’s impact in an unexpected way?

Research among key influencer targets led to a truth about their willingness to emotionally invest in Dana-Farber. It is not grounded in any one discovery, but in the momentum of discovery. Dana-Farber’s breakthroughs not only save lives in the near-term, but have a multiplier effect that allows researchers to make even more discoveries and save even more lives over time.

Our latest campaign features real patients giving voice to their experience of some of Dana-Farber’s most significant recent discoveries: “I am here.”

Results: The campaign, launched in January 2022, is already gaining recognition in the professional community. Tracking results will be available Spring 2022.