Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Audio.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute launched its “Momentum of Discovery” campaign in January 2022. And one of the most exciting components of its success has been the many stories we tell – of life-changing new breakthroughs, the thinking that led to them, and the extension of this thinking into new and farther-reaching discoveries.

And there’s no better medium for telling a compelling story than audio.

IPNY has been a proponent of the power of audio ever since it was known as radio. Because there’s nothing like the “theater of the mind” for capturing your attention and imagination and leaving you with something new to think about the brand.

Here are five examples of Dana-Farber’s mastery of the form. These ran on radio as well as in streaming news programs like The Daily from The New York Times. Clear and information-rich, each is a very succinct podcast.