Johnson & Johnson/Centocor

From the heart.

Speaking to chemotherapy patients requires empathy, honesty and above all, authenticity. So when the Ortho-Biotech division of Johnson &Johnson asked us to launch Procrit, a drug that helps chemotherapy patients overcome the extreme fatigue from chemo-induced anemia, the challenge was to create a compelling voice that would motivate the target to have a the right conversation with their oncologists.

“From the Heart” was revolutionary. It was one of the first TV commercials to use the voice and perspective of a cancer patient, not a physician. Shot by legendary director Leslie Dektor, it was produced with the kind of production values that at the time were reserved only for mainstream advertising.

Results: A classic that has influenced hundreds of DTC campaigns, this launch work helped build Procrit into Johnson & Johnson’s largest-selling prescription drug, winning the J&J Bellringer Award for best campaign.