Our talent ecosystem.

Being responsive to client needs means IPNY never stays one size. The only constant is bringing the best talent to your project.

In addition to our core staff of senior specialists, IPNY has strategic alliances in every discipline. This gives you valuable access to experts we’ve partnered with and stand behind. IPNY gives you the right talent for the right length of time without unnecessary cost.

Our talent ecosystem includes a number of singular organizations and individuals who provide our clients with unique skills. Among them:

Consumer Behavioral Insights
Sarah Bridges

Science-based data and insights helps us understand how to best connect with and deliver your target audience.

Dr. Sarah Bridges
Neuropsychologist, Expert in Consumer Behavior and Motivation

With both an MBA and a Ph.D. in neuropsychology, Sarah is a business coach, consultant to major Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. She is an expert in facilitating change. Her keen understanding of human psychology and how the brain works lets IPNY craft communications strategies and creative that help define people’s assumptions and motivate positive behaviors.

ASE Research Logo

ASE Research provides high quality, customized research solutions across a wide array of categories, including Healthcare and Pharma, Non-Profit, Financial Services, Logistics and Consumer Packaged Goods. With both qualitative and quantitative expertise among consumer, medical and business-to business targets, ASE’s work has helped clients establish brand strategy, define market opportunities, develop creative execution, measure and optimize campaign effectiveness and guide product innovation. Founded in 1992 and with offices in the US, the UK and a virtual global network covering 70 countries.

Analytics and Modeling
OBX Intelligence Logo

Grounded in proprietary methods of Data Science, Market Intelligence and Opinion Research, OBX Intelligence helps government, non-profits and private sector clients navigate market chaos. Believing that reason integrated with technology produces superior strategies, OBX Intelligence crafts creative and innovative solutions to drive enterprise success.

Social Media
The Small Social Company Logo

With over 20 years of experience in digital advertising and social media marketing, The Small Social manages your social social media strategy, content creation, influencer reactions, social media advertising, email marketing, and more.

Julilyn Woods
Digital Brand Director

Integrated Video Production
Table of Content Logo

Table of Content is a full-service production company that brings together a network of directors, photographers, problem solvers, and collaborators who passionately want to tell your story.

Rick Knief

Rick expanded from the ad agency world to become a full-time director in the mid-2000s. Imaginative, engaging and prolific, Rick is a storyteller in all categories who has become our go-to director for IPNY’s most important TV and video-based projects. For many of these he has been a valued contributor even before getting to the production stage, adding valuable ideas and a director’s eye to our conceptual work.

Editorial and Post Production
Hooligan Logo

Everything Hooligan does is designed to bring video projects over the finish line gloriously. Hooligan is a specialized editing company creating content for television, the web, your mobile device, even for the cinema. IPNY relies on Hooligan’s ability to deploy the most advanced post-production technology to deliver information, entertainment, vfx and promotion for our clients.

Music and Sound Design
Screensound Alliance Logo

Video and audio experiences are the heart of today’s communications, where music is the secret of achieving a powerful emotional connection.

Robert Miller
Composer, Producer

Encouraged by mentor Aaron Copland, Robert Miller has been a prolific composer for 30 years. His work is featured in over 2,500 commercials, 70 film scores, two TV series and many works for the concert hall, the stage and the cosmos (New York Planetarium). We’ve worked with Robert for over two decades. His distinctive evocation of emotion brings real feeling to our clients’ stories.