How do you know when it's right?

Just because it’s a big idea doesn’t mean everyone knows it is. A big idea is often hard to identify in a lineup of other creative ideas because there’s no precedent. It’s original. You’ve never seen anything like it.

That’s what this brief course is about. What is great creative, how do you recognize it, and why does it work? We made these five one-minute videos as much to help clients understand the nature of great creative as to inspire creative people to reach for those hard-to-find ideas.

Video 1 explores how we use “that feeling we have in common” to help our target see themselves in what we’re selling, as demonstrated by one of the most laugh-out-loud commercials in advertising history. Video 2 shows how to share a human truth that gives your brand an emotion, as in this moving and widely copied breakthrough. Video 3 demonstrates how you can shock, infuriate and disgust your way into people’s hearts, with several infamous examples. Video 4 reveals one writer’s way to come up with a big campaign idea that keeps giving new concepts for the life of the campaign. And Video 5 looks at the most motivating sales technology known to advertising – one that uses drama, game playing and people you love to win you over.