Campaigns that Prove Omnichannel Marketing Initiatives Produce Results

As published in MM&M

Testimonials have long been a staple of hospital marketing campaigns. But for its Miracle of Science with Soul campaign City Of Hope leveraged the power of the testimonial into a full omnichannel experience. While complete patient stories lived on the City Of Hope website, a variety of television, radio, outdoor, digital, social and print media featured these City of Hope cancer survivors in a “teaser” campaign and referenced tags or links that directed the target to the site for a complete story.

While seeing the full testimonial, the target learned about City of Hope’s innovation in the cancer field through the eyes of actual cancer survivors – and were given the ability to schedule an appointment and speak to a City of Hope physician.

All told, this approach helped drove outpatient visits up 13% and filled beds to capacity on the main campus, surpassing all prior single-channel acquisition initiatives.